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i have a lot of interests, among them archery, art, philosophy (continental), films & tv, science fiction & fantasy, and i am very prone to flying into intermittent fits of enthusiasm for the weirdest things, research the hell out of them and store them away in the back of my head. i also believe that knowing as many random factoids as possible is useful and a perfectly reasonable goal in life: you never know when they come in handy, they are more important to know than common stuff because everyone knows the common stuff, and they make one appear more intelligent than one actually is.
Favorite TV Shows:
doctor who, the sopranos, star trek tng, firefly, UFO, miami vice, samurai champloo
Favorite Movies:
live action: blade runner, alien, the duellists, the empire strikes back, el laberinto del fauno (pan’s labyrinth), rear window, north by northwest, shichinin no samurai (seven samurai), goodfellas, jackie brown, escape from new york. animation: 101 dalmatians, kurenai no buta (porco rosso), mononoke-hime (princess mononoke)
Favorite Books:
pretty much everything by neil gaiman, robert e. howard, j.r.r. tolkien, h.p. lovecraft. hemingway: the old man and the sea. shakespeare: the tempest. hope mirrlees: lud-in-the-mist. china miéville: the scar, kraken. comics: mike mignola: hellboy. alan moore: watchmen. neil gaiman: sandman. shaun tan: the arrival. shirow masamune: appleseed, ghost in the shell. philosophy: edmund husserl: ideas pertaining to a pure phenomenology and to a phenomenological philosophy – first book: general introduction to a pure phenomenology. arthur schopenhauer: the world as will and represenattion. mircea eliade: the sacred and the profane.

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